Family Law

Fort Wayne, Indiana Family Law Attorney

When divorce is inevitable, arriving at a decision on the issues of property division, child custody, child support, and alimony will occur through negotiation and mediation-or with the help of an Indiana family court judge. And yet, some divorce lawyers are not comfortable with conflict and contentious cases. They avoid the courtroom.

Avoiding court may not be in the client's best interest.

At the Fort Wayne law office of Indiana family law attorney Matthew S. Williams, clients can have confidence that they are working with a divorce lawyer with trial experience-someone who is comfortable in the courtroom. Attorney Williams has years of trial experience and is in the courtroom on an almost daily basis.

Indiana Divorce Litigation

Many people begin the process of divorce thinking that, as reasonable people, they will be able to quickly reach an agreement, only to be surprised later by the demands of their former spouse. Other people know from the start that they are in for a fight. By choosing a divorce lawyer with trial experience, you are prepared to ensure that your rights and interests are protected. Contact Matthew S. Williams to discuss your divorce situation and the legal options available to you in your family law matter.

Quality legal representation begins with careful listening in order to understand the client's values, needs, and goals. This is the foundation for any negotiated property settlement-and any court case. Attorney Williams' thorough review of the facts and careful preparation of each case puts his clients in the best position to make a strong case in court or negotiations.

Child Support and Child Custody Issues

Child support and child custody concerns arise and are resolved initially in divorce and paternity cases, but they often reappear as a child grows, requiring additional visits to Indiana family court. An initial child custody order may need to change to accommodate a teenager who wants to live with the other parent, or a parent who wants additional visitation. An initial child support order may need to be modified if a parent gets a significant raise or experiences a job loss. Attorney Williams can stand by his clients throughout their child's growing years, and can be available to assist when a modification of a court child custody order or a change in child support is needed.

Additional Family Law Services

Attorney Williams handles a wide range of family law issues in addition to divorce, including:

  • Obtaining protective orders for persons who have been the victim of domestic violence and abuse
  • Legal guidance and courtroom representation for people who are in arrears with child support payments and are facing criminal or other contempt charges
  • Criminal defense for parents or child care providers facing charges of child neglect or child abuse in Child in Need of Service (CHINS) cases
  • Adoption and guardianship

For all family law concerns, the Fort Wayne family law office of Matthew S. Williams can provide you with knowledgeable legal advice and detailed courtroom representation. Contact the firm to schedule a consultation in your family law matter. Se habla español. Free client parking located on the west side of the office.