Fort Wayne Name Change Lawyer

There can be many reasons that people may seek a name change for themselves or a child in their custody. Many women wish to go back to their maiden names after a divorce or a parent may want to change a child's name to be the same as his or her own. The process for legally changing a name in Indiana can be quite complex for people who are not familiar with it, and the assistance of an experienced Fort Wayne name change attorney can help to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly.

At the law office of Matthew S. Williams, Attorney at Law, Mr. Williams represents clients in all aspects of name change cases. From filing the initial petition to obtaining final court approval, he will be there with you at every step, working diligently to see that your name change request is successful.

Understanding The Process Of Obtaining A Name Change

In general terms, all name change cases involve the following steps: submitting a petition to change your name, publishing a notice in the newspaper for three weeks and attending a court hearing on your name change. There are specific requirements associated with each of these steps, and any errors can result in the delay or denial of your name change request.

In addition, there are certain processes that need to be followed for adult name change requests by people with a criminal history or changing the name of a child. Mr. Williams will walk you through the entire process and address any unique requirements that apply to your case. He will work with you to ensure that all paperwork is completed correctly, advise you on which paper should be used to publish your notice and represent you at the hearing to address any issues that may arise with your request.

Speak To An Allen County Attorney For Changing Names

Contact the law office of Matthew S. Williams, Attorney at Law, to discuss your name change needs with a lawyer. You can reach the office by phone at 260-918-0443, toll free at 800-558-0314 or via email. His office is conveniently located two blocks from the Allen County Courthouse. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Free on-site parking is available.