Fort Wayne Parental Relocation Lawyer

Under Indiana law, any party to a custody or visitation agreement is required to provide a Notice of Intent to Relocate to all affected parties of his or her intent to relocate. Whether you are the custodial parent, the non-custodial parent or another person having visitation rights, you must provide notice of your intent to move.

Previous versions of the law only required notice by parties who were intending to move more than 100 miles away. The current law states that any relocation, even a move within the same community, requires the notification of the other parties. Notification must take place via certified mail and be delivered at least 90 days before the date you intend to move. Following notification, the other parties have 60 days to challenge the move if they so choose.

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People on all sides of these matters have interests that need to be protected. It is important that you have strong representation from a qualified Fort Wayne parental relocation attorney who knows the law and has the ability to properly handle your case. At the law office of Matthew S. Williams, Attorney at Law, clients receive assertive representation in a broad range of relocation matters.

Mr. Williams represents custodial parents, non-custodial parents, grandparents and others in these cases. He has extensive experience representing parties who are seeking to relocate as well as those wishing to challenge a proposed relocation. He understands the criteria the court considers in these cases and how to build a compelling argument to support your position.

Among the criteria that the court considers in a relocation case are the following:

  • The distance of the proposed move
  • Any hardship the move would impose on the affected parties in maintaining contact with the child
  • The expense required for the affected parties to maintain contact with the child
  • The feasibility of meaningful relationships continuing if the move were allowed
  • Whether the relocating party's pattern of conduct can be seen as an attempt to disrupt the non-relocating parties' rights

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